Photo Student Destresser

Found this video online and thought it would be a funny decompressor for you all sweating over portfolios.  Take a quick break and watch this photo satire.  The butter  That's gotta smell GREAT after, lol.


Studio Lighting Flash Assignment

My studio lighting students are doing some pretty cool work this semester, and I thought it would be an awesome time for you guys to see what you could look forward to if you take the class next year!  (on Fridays, Fall 2019).  We cover hotlights, flashes, and strobes, with specific assignments meant to give... Continue Reading →

HDR Gallery

This is the time of year my students turn in hdr shots!  HDR stands for high dynamic range, and is the digital version of the Zone System.  HDR combines a series of different exposures, and allows you to select the best tones from various exposures to create the most complete lighting range--more than the human... Continue Reading →

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