ArtPH 300 Basic Film Class

This is for Professor Worsfold’s basic film class.  If you are on the waitlist, I would either wait to buy this or I’d make sure you don’t open it and keep receipts in case you don’t get into the class.

First and foremost, the camera.  And not just ANY camera…you need a slr camera will FULL manual controls…meaning both apertures and shutters.

doesn't have to look new!

The most important thing to look at is the aperture setting.  If you’ve got that then most likely all the other features will be there.  How do you know what apertures are there?  Well, here’s what you do:  look at the lens itself.  It’ll have a whole list of numbers, and you want to see them go up to at least 16:

Then move the dial on the camera and find the shutter numbers.  You want to see multiple numbers, usually from 1 to 250 or 500:

I like metal dials better than digital readouts

Yeah, but what camera do I buy?  I hear that aaaall the time.  There are SO many cameras out there I don’t even know them all.  I have an old Minolta x700 and Canon AE-1, and you can also get Pentax, Nikons, Vivitar and Olympus cameras.  If you want to buy new, try the Canon EOS 2000, Nikon FM10 or Vivitar V3800. I’ve listed places you can buy new cameras online near the end of the post.

Yeah, but I have camera blah blah blah, does it work?  Read above.  If you’re still lost, then go to a camera store listed below and see if they’ll help, or bring it to class and ask.  :D

Other stuff you need:

Film:(start by buying only a few rolls & get the rest later) 10-15 rolls of 35mm b/w film with 36 exposures: Ilford HP5 or FP4, Kodak TriX or PlusX 
**Do not purchase c-41 process Black and White Film!!!
I'd start by getting a few of 100 and 400 ISO

Filters: 3 1/2 inch Polycontrast filters (or you can check them out from teacher each class, but you have to actually sign them in and out, so if you get your own it’ll save time)
you can get these or the kind with the nasty orange box

Sleeves: Negative Preservers (sleeves) for 35mm film
They won't come with negatives, of course
Canned Air:  Don’t loose the little nozzle, you’ll need it.

Photo Paper: (At Filco you can buy an Ilford Intro pack with film and photo paper!) 100 sheets of 8×10 RC (resin coated ) Ilford Multigrade IV or Kodak Polycontrast 3 or 4 in either glossy or semi-glossy (also called luster) in single weight—DO NOT OPEN THIS BOX!!!
if you get the starter pack, the box is usually green

Portfolio: (you don’t need any of these til way late in the semester, so I’d hold off on buying them until I go over it all)  8 ½ x 11 photo portfolio binder for your final project.  Plus 8×10 (4 ply) WHITE mat board for your pictures, and dry mount sheets.
You’ll have to buy mat board separately, but don’t get it yet

Random Stuff: a towel, scissors, apron, a 8×10 piece of cardboard, an oatmeal box, some tinfoil, a grey card, and other stuff.

Where do I buy all this stuff?  Used film cameras can sometimes be bought at Pardees CameraAction CameraPhotoSource, or Filco but I would call first.  You never know if some other student bought it already and they’re out of stock. has used film cameras online, and you could always try your luck on ebay–many students have been successful getting a deal, but some have wasted 20 bucks, too. Filco Superstore and Photosource will have a lot of this other stuff as well, but you can also find some of it at the school bookstore, or online at Freestyle, Calumet, or B&H.  Buying it in store will be cheaper, but you can’t wait til the last minute since all college students will be buying there, too!

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