Exhibition Opportunity

Hey guys!  Maura sent me an email with this fun opportunity for an exhibition she found!  It’s free to enter, and everyone who does (and follows the rules) will be part of the exhibition!

How to Be Part of a Global Food Photo Exhibit (Help End Hunger, Too)

On February 24th at 12pm EST, you’ll discover it’s a global day of photographing your food!  The Meal is calling all foodie photographers to participate in a global food photo exhibit. Your simultaneously shot photos will be collected and shown at The Brooklyn Art Library on March 31st.

It’s for a good cause, too! The Meal has partnered with Action Against Hunger, a non-profit who battles hunger around the world.

It all comes full-circle: your hunger-induced photo helps end hunger for others. Not even scarfing down a grilled cheese sandwich could beat that satisfaction.  

There’s a link below to sign up!

The Meal: Documenting a Global Snack

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