The 300K Lawsuit

I saw this link on Petapixel and watched the whole thing with horror.  This exposes a horrible abuse of power. But here’s the thing: everyone who thinks they have a digital camera automatically makes them a professional photographer, I would think twice.  It is a job, and there are the same type of responsibilities as any other job. Yeah, you can probably make a few bucks, but it takes skill. This photographer had that skill and is STILL being sued, which is just wrong.  So as Gary Fong says, tread lightly, and know your stuff like contracts…and model releases, and proper photo technique, and business licenses…

3 thoughts on “The 300K Lawsuit

  1. That is so wrong. I hope the judge take the lawyer out back and beats him silly. Why any legitimate professional photographer would take that gig without a contract AND give every single image to the customer is beyond me. It stands to reason that one would dispose of the bad shots before giving anything to the customer. Still, there is no excuse for the lawyers behavior and it will likely cost the photographer a pretty penny to defend himself. Bummer.

  2. There will always be stupid, mean and selfish people in this world. The attorney doesn’t realize that HE will also lose if he pursues this. He will jeopardize his own reputation. He’s already proving to be unreasonable and incompetent himself. I wouldn’t hire this guy if I were desperate. Who would want to hire an attorney that threatens things that cannot be backed up? This is the type of guy who makes us all think negatively of attorneys. I hope the legal community puts him to shame.

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