THIS Is the Issue, Folks

I was just talking to my software trends class today (Artph 315. Check it out, I’ll kick your metaphoric butt and teach you some cool stuff, too) about using facebook and other types of social media to post photos. THIS is why I don’t use flickr, deviantart, or facebook to actually post pictures of my work. I only link to my artwork.  Because This. Is. Messed. Up.

Photographer Jessica Nichols‘ most popular photograph on her Flickr account (above left) is titled “Loads of Ranunculus” and has more than 10,000 views. Nichols got a nasty shock a year ago when she discovered that American fashion designer Chris Benz had apparently turned the photo into numerous clothing designs for his Spring 2012 line, without Nichols’ knowing and/or permission. Since July of this year, Nichols has been fighting against the infringement in an attempt to get the designer to pay up. Two of the designs in the Spring 2012 collection appear to simply be the flowers in the above photograph turned into a repetitive pattern.*

Loads of Ranuncks
The image in question, “Loads of Ranuncks”

Of course the designer is denying he copied it or manipulated it.  But take a look at one of his many designs…here’s a gif that shows the original photo and where it was flat out copied for the bag.  You can read more from the photographer at her blog: Sweet Eventide. Her website also has a paypal button where you can donate to her legal costs, which have got to be growing exponentially.

*quote from Michael Zhang's article Photographer Claims Major Designer...

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    1. For sure. Or another sort of site like OPP with a “pay” button. If nothing else, a copyright embedded in the metadata! People can still steal stuff, but having the copyright embedded in the file makes any case stronger.

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