Money Makes the World Go Round

I’d like to say otherwise, but photography is a very expensive artform.  When I was in college all of my friends were spending any money they had on Pabst beer (I didn’t say they had taste to go with their cash) I was saving every penny to buy another box of Konica color paper.  Sigh.  It cost about 55 bucks a box and I’d buy about 3 or 4 boxes a semester. And film.  And black and white paper.  And negative sleeves.  And chemistry.  And, and and… 

Anyway.  I was looking for possible grants for our program, so we could buy more equipment.  I couldn’t find diddly for the photo department, but I found a bunch for photo students.  And since I am tired of having these windows open on my laptop, :)  I’m going to post them here, so you can research at your whim.  Deadlines vary, so past a reminder in your calendar or something.

The Photocrati Fund offers $5000 grants to photographers to undertake important humanitarian and environmental photography projects. Our goal is to identify outstanding photographers and to provide the resources necessary to pursue projects that will have a tangible and positive effect on the world. This grant is intended for both pro and emerging photographers. The grant is open to photographers over 21 years of age from any country worldwide, but applicants should have a proven ability to produce outstanding imagery and coherent photo essays, as well as the background necessary to carry out the proposed project. This means that for photographers planning to complete a project in a country other than their own country of origin, there should be a clear demonstration of preparation for work in that country (i.e. proper visas, contacts, language training, etc.).

Central to LUCEO’s mission is our belief in the importance of long-term projects. We also understand that developing photographers need support. To advance both of these causes, LUCEO has created the LUCEO Student Project Award, which will be disbursed annually to a talented student photographer in support of a significant and developing body of work. This year’s recipient will receive $1,000 and receive mentorship for the project from one LUCEO member.

PhotoPhilanthropy believes strongly that future generations of photographers will perpetuate and expand upon the application of their skills for social good, and therefore, central to our efforts is encouraging and supporting students to participate in non-profit visual storytelling. To alleviate the up-front costs faced by students working with non-profits, we will offer several $1000 grants to student-non-profit collaborations so that non-profit storytelling may be advanced through visual imagery. The product should result in a photo essay that informs and moves viewers through improved visual communication.

This grant of $1,000 is awarded annually to a student currently enrolled in or having applied to an institution of higher education specializing in the study of photography through the generosity of Janie Moore Green. The applicant must currently be enrolled in or have applied to an institution of higher education specializing in the study of photography. This includes 2-year or 4-year colleges, art/design schools or photography schools. Include the name, address and phone number of the school.

You love nature and photography. Nature is important to you and how you see the world. In addition, photography is one way in which you see and share that world with others. If those things describe you, then apply now for a scholarship that will enable you to join us at the next North American Nature Photography Association annual summit. This is a great time of fellowship with some of the top nature photographers and includes outstanding opportunities to network with peers and professionals, as well as attend workshops and photograph in the field alongside professional photographers and mentors.

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