Nikon Photo Contest

Nikon Photo Contest

I got an email from Nikon the other day, and I’m going to share a quote from it with you:
With more than 1 million photographs shared via the Internet every day, the world of photography is undergoing tremendous change. And so, on its 34th anniversary, the historic, worldwide Nikon Photo Contest is changing as well. In this exciting new phase, we’re changing its name, adding a photographic video category and opening up the judging to expert photographers selected from all over the world.

Curious.  So I went to their page to look at the new categories.  They are:

  • Category A:Single photo
  • Category B:Photo story (two to five images that present a theme or idea.)
  • Category C:Photographic Video (45 seconds in length)
  • Category D:Motion Snapshot (a special award category cerebrating the release of the advanced interchangeable lens camera Nikon 1, using its “Motion Snapshot” function.)

So, unless you have the new nikon lens, it appears category D is off the table.  BUT, this is a huge difference in how the work is categorized; no more “landscape” or “portrait,” and I actually think it’s a really smart change.  There’s a big difference between a single powerful image and a series of images: you have to have serious expressive punch for the first one, and the second requires stamina of concept and visual strength. Video is a logical addition as well, since so many cameras now have that feature. I’m interested to see how this shakes things up.

Every year Nikon has this contest, and every year we have students that do very well.  It’s a major contest, and is a big deal if you’re selected, certainly worth a line on your artist resume or transfer college application.  There are prizes, of course, for the top entries.  And I do find it telling that instead of showing the amounts in dollars, they show it in yen.  I’ve got a currency converter here if you want to see how much those prizes are worth in dollars.  This year entries will be accepted through Feb 28th, 2013. So check out the link and apply!

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