So, in my digital classes this week we did an intro to photoshop.  I did mention that there was a tutorial available for advanced students, too.  And in one of my labs, even the complete newbies rolled up their sleeves with glee and had a go at retouching with the clone tool. Rock on.

However…it does bring up a couple of really important warnings, too.  Don’t be over-photoshopping fools.  FIrst off, if you use good lighting, angles and other compositional elements, you don’t need that much photoshop.  But beyond that soap box of mine (sorry), I mean don’t go hog wild with the retouching.  It’s a huge issue out there.  Even those considered the height of perfection, models, are highly photoshopped, and some times in really stupid ways.  Here’s a photo of a model on a runway, and that same model that had been photoshopped to hell for Ralph Lauren ads.  It was a huge scandal, and really does illustrate the issues of body image and unrealistic expectations we can have.

Real model on left, photoshopped idiocy on the right

While this is a serious issue, many times it’s quite funny to look at.  I admit, I snicker at missing fingers and disjointed legs.  So I have multiple websites where you can see real gaffs that were printed for the whole world to see.  Enjoy.


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