Night Photography and Such

So, A month or two ago I started using a Vimeo account I’ve had…for too long with nothing in it.  It’s kind of like this blog–not for me personally, but for you.  When I come across a cool video on an artist or on shooting tips or whatever, I’ve been adding to it there.  I’ll try to add at least one video a week.  For now, there’s a bunch of videos up there about night photography…and a seriously cool one on photographing from space.  Not that I expect you to become an astronaut.  Just say’n.

vimeo photo channelWell, go check out some of the light graffiti/night photography videos I posted to my channel, and if you want to be added to a subscriber list, just make a free account and hit the “Follow” button on my page.  For rss feed, there’s a tiny link for it on the right side of the page under the Need Help section…It’s really tiny.  They want you to make an account.  Anyways, my Vimeo Channel called Photography? Yes!  is:

Keep an eye out for extra credit later this week on the blog!  :D

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