Extra Credit Post!

First, lemme say that the video link I added is also on my vimeo account (mentioned in last post).  It’s long.  The guy talks too much, but you can skip a bit of it to get to how he creates his globes; he creates a serious set up, not just spinning a string like I do.  Pretty interesting.  AND it brings me to the extra credit…

The digital student who turns in the best, most creative photo in each class using a globe in their night photography will get extra credit points…AND a free light!  I’ve got two credit card lights and an led wand for grabs.  (ooooh, aaaaaah)

Credit Card Light, fits in your wallet!
led wand–acts like a glow stick!

This extra credit is only available the day the assignment is due, which is the 8th, 9th or 10th, depending on which day is your first day of class that week.  Heck, I’ll even make this an extra credit option for my intermediate 350 class…if they bother to read this…because who doesn’t love night photography?!

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