Free Webinar: Perfect Exposure & Color in Landscape Photography

This is a webinar on setting up color profiles and using light meters.  This is slightly more advanced stuff, so it’s not really appropriate to make an assignment for it in class, but it’s late enough in the semester that you should be able to understand this stuff with no problem.  (hurray you!)  For those of you that don’t know, webinars are basically lecture demonstrations hosted live online.  I’ve seen a fair share of these, and you have to sign up before hand, then use the link they give you for access.  If you’ve got steady internet access, you can watch live, and usually they even have an option to type in or ask questions along the way.  Very handy…

From Sekonic:

Join host Joe Brady as he puts the combination of the Sekonic L-478 meter and the ColorChecker Passport to work out in the field to get perfect color and perfect exposure when shooting landscape photography.

In this free webinar, you will learn the benefits a handheld meter has over your camera’s metering and how creating a custom exposure profile can insure perfect exposures every time. Add to this the ColorChecker Passport’s ability to create a custom color profile for your Raw files and you will have the best starting point possible for your image edits.

Joe will also explain how to factor in filter compensations and some tips and techniques to get the most tonal range out of your camera’s sensor.

Perfect exposure and perfect color will give you the best digital image file as you create your Landscape Masterpiece.

Link to sign up: Free Webinar: Perfect Exposure & Color in Landscape Photography.
When is the live demo?    05/02/2013 1:00 PM EDT


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