Waterproofing Cameras???

I have a friend (ahem) who dropped their camera. That’s horrible, I thought, but it might still be fixable. Then they told me they dropped it in saltwater.


As soon as they said that, I remember thinking that if they had this stuff on their camera, it’d still be okay. (well, not any breakage, but no salt damage). The product itself is pretty unbelievable, but what’s even more crazy is that they give you instructions for how to use it on your iphone. Your iphone, dude! If they set up a series of instructions for cameras, we could be looking at a revolution.

God forbid you actually go douse your camera in this stuff based off my thought. You wouldn’t be able to coat the lens entirely, since that would mess up the clarity of the glass, but even having an entirely waterproof camera could be a game changer. Heck, I wonder how it would work on a sleek point-and-shoot. If you try it let me know how it turns out, but I’d ask the manufacturer for a demo before I even consider trying it! Still, worth a thought or three…

*for those of  you that don't know, water can damage electronics, but saltwater always damages them--even when the water dries, the salt left behind renders everything useless.

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