Ricardo Guerreiro’s Stolen Photo Equipment

I was hunting around Indiegogo and found this.  Thought it was a major bummer, but maybe someone might help, and spread some good karma…

Ricardo is a published natural history photographer who had all his gear stolen in the field. His friends put up this campaign to help him rebuild his kit…

Ricardo was working on his second film and on photographic project about native cattle from southern Portugal but had virtually all his equipment stolen while on field work.

By helping, you are ultimately helping Ricardo finish his work at hands and beginning his future projects on what we believe is a relevant and beautiful contribution for the people’s knowledge of both their natural and cultural heritages through photography.

We are trying to fund as much as possible of Ricardo’s replacement equipment. Your contribution will go directly to Ricardo’s most immediate needs of gear to work:

– one SLR camera; one wide angle lens; one professional video camera; memory cards; extra batteries; photo equipment backpack; one GoPro camera; other daily use accessories

The total amount of equipment stolen from Ricardo was around 7.500€ and this is a Flexible Value Campaign so every contribution counts.

See the rest of the info at this link.  (The page has an english translation at the bottom.)

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