Amazing Photos of Horrible Circumstance

Love this website, always visually educational.  Check out the rest of the images!  From IN FOCUS with Alan Taylor.

For the past 10 days, firefighters in California have been struggling to contain the Rim Fire, now one of the largest in the state’s history, as it blazes across the Stanislaus National Forest and into Yosemite National Park. As of last night, the Rim Fire had burned nearly 240 square miles, disrupted hydroelectric power supply to San Francisco, and destroyed 23 structures. The fire is only 15 percent contained and still threatens thousands of homes in the mountainous region….see slideshow HERE.

One thought on “Amazing Photos of Horrible Circumstance

  1. Thanx for the photos. Egad, the rim fire is horrendous! Everybody be sure to tell their local climate change deniers that, their error having cost us the opportunity to redirect our global behavior, they should do the honorable thing now and kill themselves.
    Those who are not moved by climate change are probably suffering from Nature Deficit Disorder, having been trapped in a house plugged in to false stimuli most of their lives. There will still be a few years to experience Nature in a pristine condition here in the Sierras before it all dries up and burns down, and trigger-pumping yahoos murder all the starving and migrating wildlife. So charge up your batteries, take your cameras, travel light like a PCT thru-hiker, and get out into the roadless woods before it’s too late, because it’s later than you think. Yes, you’ll have to put down your phone, but the benefits of wilderness pour directly into your soul.

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