Looks like a cool new toy…

I’m not a gadget queen.  Maybe.  I dunno. I could be lying.  It’s hard to tell what you do and don’t need sometimes.  People would think some of the stuff I have lying around my photo bag is junk, but it’s the Mcguyver stuff I use all the time: sandwich baggies, wax paper, gaffer tape…

And some things just aren’t gadgets.  A good light meter in night photography is a godsend, but a fancy flash would be stupid.  It’s all about what you need for your task. It’s all about perspective.  Not, of course, that it doesn’t stop me from buying a few things I’ve *never* used.  BUt I’m rambling now.

I saw this thing and I thought “could be cool”.  But I won’t know until I buy one and play with it first.  And then we’ll see if it is a gadget, or if it’s equipment.  Check it out:

We are proud to announce a new and unique tool for DSLR pop-up flash, the Rogue Safari Pop-up Flash Booster! Gizmodo calls the Safari, “A megaphone for your DSLR’s pop-up flash.”Designed for photographers using telephoto zoom lenses over 100mm, the Rogue Safari is an affordable alternative to traditionally heavy, expensive accessory flash.
Using the Rogue Safari typically results in an increase of up to 8x more light on your subject from distances of 30-75+ feet.  The extra light can make the difference between a sharp image with good color, and an underexposed missed opportunity.


The Rogue Safari is designed for use with all current Canon APS-C, and Nikon DX sensor format cameras.  For a more detailed list of compatible cameras, please visit our website.

Attaching easily, quickly, and securely to the DSLR’s hot shoe, the Rogue Safari is great for parents photographing their kids’ soccer games, vacation memories, or even getting a shot of wildlife while keeping a safe distance.

Molded from rugged polycarbonate materials in the USA, the Safari is a durable yet light weight travel companion at only 2 oz.

Retail Price – $34.95
For more information regarding the new Rogue Safari Click HERE

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