A Timely Post

Tomorrow (or Wednesday, depending on your schedule) all the students in my classes will have their portfolios/Final Projects due.  The general amount of mayhem and stress thrown around in class can get overwhelming.  But really, it’s the daunting thought of grading all those portfolios and final projects that secretly makes me with some uber rich student who owns a small country would bribe me with one billion dollars to just pass him/her.

One Billion Dollars!
One Billion Dollars!

You would all benefit if I took the deal, of course, since I’d be in a GREAT mood when grading the rest…then I’d go buy a small island of my own. *sigh*  But while I wish away and you hustle on portfolios, let me remind you of a few things:

Digital Beginners:

An index page has a paragraph (3-4 sentences) with a short description of yourself, your artwork, and what the project in your portfolio is about.  Then below that you have your index (in the order you choose for the actual images) that shows the following in list form for each image: The title, medium, size, year shot.  Here’s an example

1. “This Title is Awesome,” c-print, 11″x14″, 2014.

The title does NOT go in quotations on the mattboard, only on this list index.  The medium is either c-print (if done at costco or walgreens), archival pigment print (if done at school or other printer with quality pigment inks) or inkjet if done on a regular printer.

Also, your digital files on the cd (or flashdrive) should be jpegs, and the file names should be your last name, then the number of the title in the index (Smith3.jpg, for example). If you burn a cd, make sure it works on a mac before you turn it in!

Documentary Students:

While you can display digital images, website, physical images, or whatever you want for the final critique, do remember I need a copy of the files (jpg) with your last name and a number, like with the digital students above.  Also, write up a very short (3-4 sentences) artist statement: this has no biography component, it is a description of the project you would share with an audience…without telling them how they should feel; just present your subject and it’s parameters.

Titles/captions can be added with metadata in Bridge, Lightroom, or you can just print them out with the artist statement and give me a copy.  :D

To Everyone Stressing

And just remember, it’s almost over!  You’ll be able to rejoice at all your hard work and how well it’s paid off.

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