Raffle Time…Winners Soon To Follow!

Have I said how much I luuuuuv my dear students?  :D  Well, as I told my digital classes, I’m having a raffle for some art supplies. I found a lot of portfolios I’d stashed away over the summer–some used once, some not ever…I tend to buy them whenever I see them on clearance and then tuck them away until I do my bi-annual studio cleaning. This year I found some goodies:

  • 1 leather zipper case 8.5×11 portfolio
  • 1 itoya 8.5×11 portfolio
  • 3 11×14 itoya portfolios
  • 5 sheets of 8×10 colormount from forever ago (it’s still good)
  • 1 16×20 (really it’s 15×19 I think but close enough) itoya portfolio
  • 1 brand new camera bag

AND, I JUST FOUND MORE.  I remembered I’d had 8 photos in a show earlier this fall…but the images were 18×24 or larger, which meant the mats were humungous.  But I always window-mat myself, and I had the scraps…the window that I cut out of each was at least 18×24…so tonight after class I took a box cutter to them and was able to come up with:

  • 8 16×20 mats ( a few are 18×20 that need to be trimmed down)
  • 8 12×16 mats (a few are 12×18 that can be trimmed down)

Keep in mind that the 12×16’s can be either cut down to 11×14 mats, or they can be cut in two to create 2 8×10 boards per each 12×16 mat.  (Also, since these are scraps from a gallery show, the edges have pencil lines you can erase, and small imperfections on a few, but let me tell ya, these are top of the line, archival white museum ragboard.)

Now, I had both my digital classes sign up for a raffle for items they were interested, but if either 305 class is interested in the mats, add a comment to this post with your name to let me know. My Studio Lighting class hasn’t had that opportunity to sign up to raffle the larger mat board, camera bag, or large portfolio…so I must postpone the raffle drawings til tomorrow night so they get a chance to be added–Artph360 folks, email me to be added to the raffle list or comment below with your name and which item’s raffle you want to add to!   :D

Who needs Santa when you have artists cleaning out their closets?

But you know, if you ARE writing Santa, will you let him know I really want this photoshop shortcut keyboard cover? :D

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