Help A Local Artist Doing An Amazing Project

Most likely, many of you don’t remember Kurt Fishback, who retired a handful of years ago from our Photography program. He’s photographed some of the most important artists in the world. Since he retired from teaching, he’s been doing an amazing project documenting California women artists. You can check out a video done of his work and see his previous books at the link below. He’s trying to continue his work the way all artists do; through grants and art supporters.

Many student artists hope they can sell their work, but rarely do the realize they need to support the arts themselves; often the price tag is far out of reach. I remember I was days away from getting my undergrad degree when I bought my first (still gorgeous) print from a local artist. At some point, you will make the transition from supporting yourself with photography to helping support others as well, and that may be many paychecks away, I know. For those of you who are not planning on becoming working photographers, you may begin to show your passion through buying original artwork that really inspires you.

But since Kurt is doing a Kickstarter campaign, you can actively do unto others NOW, so to speak; you can prove that the artist are important enough to fund. Donations are as low as $15 bucks, and with every size donation you get something in return. Please go look at the project, help spread the word, and donate if you can. I really want to help him reach his goal, and he only has until the end of October!


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