It’s Scholarship Season At ARC

First of, I’m on the campus-wide Scholarship Committee.  I want students to know that it’s not just A+ students that get scholarships.  In fact, there are even scholarships that are made specifically for students with C averages, others for students that want to become nurses or work in restaurants, those that have part time jobs and can’t go to school full time, moms, women over 50…because ARC is so diverse, we have lots of funds that reflect our diversity.  You just have to log into our system and research what’s available and what you qualify for–instead of just submitting for a couple of the big ones, a lot of smaller ones have a lot less competition…

Also, you need letters of recommendation.  These tips would be smart for anyone you ask, employer, teacher, mentor, etc.  A lot of people ask teachers, which is great, but what you need to do in order to get the best letter possible is:

A) Give teachers a lot of time to finish it–3 weeks minimum.  It shows a respect for their busy schedules, and it gives them time to sit down and write the best letter possible.
B) Remind a teacher who you are, what class you took, and tell them why you’d be great for a specific scholarship you’re applying for.  They might not know your personal history, and again, it can help them write a better letter for you.
C) Make sure you give them the link/id for your application info, as they’ll need it to complete stuff properly.
D) Send them a friendly (say please and thank you) reminder email a few days beforehand.  Life happens to teachers too, and everyone appreciates that helpful nudge.    

ARC’s Career Center is pleased to be sponsoring nine – $500.00 scholarships to students during this spring’s Foundation Scholarship Drive. In addition to the Career Center scholarships; there are more than 170 scholarships being offered thru the Foundation totaling approximately $150,000.

Go to for additional information and to apply for all scholarships.

Applications must be submitted (online) prior to 4:00 p.m., Friday, March 4, 2016.


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