Artph 315 Blogs and Video Awesomeness

So, Trends in Software covers a lot of stuff, from Lightroom and Photoshop to social media intergration  (instagram, 500, to making videos, portfolio websites, and photo blogs…and more.  The students in the class dip their toe in the waters of what is out there to learn and get up to date on…and there’s a lot to research!

This semester I gave the students different artist’s digital collages that they had to recreate only using (non-Adobe) apps on a smartphone or tablet…and then they had to create a video tutorial of how they made it so you can try it too!  I’ve listed their blogs here, and tried to link directly to the video tutorials…people used different apps and totally different ways of creating their digital collages, so each video will show you a new toy to buy at the google or apple store.  Check the videos out, and give my students some love by giving them a comment!

More students work—no videos, but plenty of artwork and tips


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