End of the Line!

Today is the last day of finals.  Whew.  While you guys might already be in party mode, I’m still adding and re-adding grades…it’s a little nerve wracking, and I am more paranoid about this than anything else during the semester.  For a quick sanity break, I thought I would share with you some of the awesome things my Studio Lighting class did! (My art history and digital photo students are also awesome, btw.)

They had a group project where they had to build their own lighting equipment on the cheap–it’s good for understanding how to McGuyver a situation, which is often a needed skill…that and sometimes you just can’t fly with your equipment, or you simply can’t afford the fancy stuff.  This group came up with some pretty awesome lighting!  I’ve got two of those videos here (which is all I can really fit on the blog at one time) but there are more at my Vimeo page–from this semester as well as previous semester classes.  Check em out!


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