Scholarship Reminder

Was going to post something else but got this message from the school.  I’ll post the other later.  For now its….Free Money!

The online scholarship application deadline for all ARC grant/scholarships is next Thursday, March 2, at 4:00 pm… and I was given information from the Scholarship committee that there are 19 scholarships with NO applicants!  O_o

I have information about specific art scholarships below, but there are scholarships for other majors that don’t have applicants so far either:

  1. Andy Hoover and Edwin Kulp are for Theater Arts majors
  2. Arden Arcade, Gloria Godfrey and Jack S. Chamberlain are for Business majors
  3. C.L. Shelley, Greg Nugent Peticolas are language majors
  4. Diane Lee and Sheree McGrath are English
  5. The others include biotech, athletics, music, political science…
  6. There are other scholarships available that are NOT major driven, but listed for women over 50, part time students, etc.

Art Scholarships:

The two online art scholarships that require portfolio submissions have the same application deadline, (Pruner and Maddock Figure), but portfolios are submitted the following week, March 9th, (exact details and times will be available at the Kaneko Gallery’s wall of flyers). The Armando Magri Scholarship doesn’t require any portfolio, just that you write in your application that you have completed the welding/metal class offered by the Art Department.

Two announcements:
1) The Maddock Figure has been opened up to include ARTNM majors.
2)  The Kingsley Merit Award (NO online application required for this scholarship)…I just received notice from the Crocker/Kingsley committee that the award this year has been INCREASED to $600.  WOW!  :)

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