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I know that a lot of digital students are putting together their portfolios, and are also printing many of their images for the first time.  It can be a frustrating task for the uninitiated, but it is ultimately a really important one; even in the digital world with flickr, instagram, 500infinity, there are still some really creatively driven reasons for having physical images in front of you.  Check out this latest article and video about it:

Since the birth of digital cameras, there has been less need to print your photos. Many of the newer photographers have never printed or even sent their photos to be printed at a lab. Why should you if your audience is all online?

Over the past few years, my prints have decreased, and I am sure I am not the only one for whom this is the case. However, when you actually have one of your photos printed, whether at home or from a print lab, there’s  magic that happens, and you discover a love for you art all over again. Once you hold that tangible beautiful print, you experience different feelings rather than simply viewing it on your computer screen. Fellow staff writer Paul Ashead recently wrote about how printing photos could make you a better photographer and save you money in this article. Try printing out your photos for clients and see how these might be different with prints in hand as opposed to looking at a screen if you are able to meet in person.

There are several benefits in printing your work, some of which which Peter McKinnon’s latest video explains. McKinnon enjoys printing not only for a new experience, but also for a great chance to see things that may need to be corrected that you may of not see from viewing it on-screen.

So try it out and see what you discover by printing out some of your photos. For those of you out there that are printing your work, do you print at home, send to a print lab, or both? How does printing effect your work? If you decided to print out one of your photos after reading this article or watching the video, comment back on how it changed your work.


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