Exams Decompression

It’s exams week.  I have been grading nonstop since students turned in portfolios.  I have no brain left, no energy left, and I have a feeling students are just as stressed.  When I saw this, it was light a candle in the dark, sugar for my soul.  Exams week sucks.  So…kittens.

KittyLee Photography

Here’s the article I found that had me transfixed:

Photographer Does Typical Newborn Photoshoot … But With A Kitten

Kitty Schaub, a 30-year-old photographer from Benton Habor, Michigan, recently had a paw-some idea. Three weeks ago, she and her 5-year-old daughter, Amelie, adopted a kitten they named Luna… (click here to see all the images by Kitty Schaub and the article written by the Huffington Post)

Kitty Lee Photography

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