Solar Eclipse

There’s a solar eclipse coming on the first day of school.  That could be ominous, but I’ve decided that it’s a pretty cool way to kick off the semester.  If you want to know more about it, check out this article by the LA times:

However, there are a few important details: don’t look at it.  I know!  Nuts!  But I was listening to NPR and if you look at the eclipse with the naked eye, you could easily burn your retinas and go blind.  Not at first–no, it’ll seem ok, and then a couple of hours later your retinas will swell from the burning and you’ll slowly go blind.  O_o  Not. Good.  So this means you should also make sure your fuzzy creatures don’t look up–bring your pets inside.

If you wanna watch it, you have to either build a pinhole eclipse camera, which is no sweat, or buy those special solar eclipse glasses.  But unless you are near a natural history museum or a store that got another shipment, it’s probably too late for that.  I also heard on npr that wearing regular sunglasses will be even worse than looking at the sun without them, because your pupils get wide when you put sunglasses on, letting MORE light hit your retinas and thus burning more of your eye.  Oooops.

Now, don’t try taking a picture with a normal dslr or slr camera either!  You need a special filter on the lens, and if you don’t have it, you can cook your camera like in this video:

The eclipse will be an awesome sight, but be safe!



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