Crocker Show for Sacramento Photo Students with Cash Awards!!!


Viewpoint Photographic Art Center invites all college and high school students of photography to submit photographs for an exhibition hosted by Viewpoint and shown at the CROCKER ART MUSEUM. This exhibition, entitled PERSPECTIVES, will run from April 5-29,2018, in conjunction with the inaugural Sacramento Photography Month, which is happening citywide throughout April 2018.

Perspective has several meanings.  The word comes from the Latin root meaning, “look through” or “perceive”.  It can mean seeing through different eyes – what is the child’s perspective or view, or the view of a dog or bird, or another person’s view of a situation?  Where you place the camera in relationship to what you are shooting can dramatically alter the perspective and the message the image gives to the viewers.

In photography  “Perspective” can bring out a sense of depth or spatial relationships between objects or people.  How objects or people are placed in terms of distance from each other can change how we, the viewers, understand them.  “Perspective” also can use lines, vanishing point(s) and shapes to create a sense of depth in photographs.  How the photographer uses sharpness, or lack of sharpness (short depth of field or atmospheric conditions such as fog), color relationships and contrast can also be used to give different “Perspectives” for the same situation.

Your images can explore the technical and/or more personal meanings of “Perspectives”.  Use your creative imagination as you think about what you want to photograph and what you choose to submit to this Call for Entries. 


·     Limited to three (3) entries per student. There is no cost to enter.

·     Each submitted image must be made by the student submitting the image.

·     Images may represent any approaches to PERSPECTIVES.

·     All entrants must be currently enrolled in a college or high school (Fall 2017 or Spring

2017 or Spring 2018).  There are no age restrictions. 

·     Jurying of the exhibit will be based on digital image files emailed toViewpoint at: 

·     Viewpoint’s Juror will select approximately 50-60 images for Exhibition.

·     The First, Second and Third Place winners will receive cash awards in the amount of $150, $100 and $75 respectively as well as a free one-year Viewpoint membership.

·     The Crocker Art Museum will host, in conjunction with Viewpoint, a Reception for the     Exhibition on Sunday, April 15, 2018 from 1:00-2:30pm, for all exhibitors, their guests, and Viewpoint members. Refreshments will be provided by the Crocker Art Museum. The reception will be held on the Crocker’ Pay What You Wish Sunday (sponsored by Western Health Advantage), so you are encouraged to invite as many people to the reception as you wish.


December 1, 2017          Entry period begins.

January 28, 2018       Entry period ends at midnight.

Jan. 30- Feb.17, 2018   Entries juried for acceptance.

February 19, 2018          Photographers notified of accepted entries. 

March15-31, 2018         Framed and matted images for the Student Exhibition must be delivered to Viewpoint Photographic Art Center, 2015 J Street Sacramento 95811.The Viewpoint Gallery Hours are Tuesdays – Saturdays  Noon to 5:00PM   

April 5, 2018                   Exhibition Opens at the Crocker Art Museum

April 15, 2018                  Exhibition Reception and Award of Prizes at the Crocker Art Museum 1:00-2:30pm

April 29, 2018                  Last day of the Exhibition

May 1-June 2, 2018         Students must contact Diana Proctor

to arrange for pick up of prints after the show has closed.


Please review these submission requirements carefully. Submissions that are not in compliance will not be accepted.  Email any questions about submission or exhibition requirements to Diana Proctor

1.     Artwork submitted for PERSPECTIVES must be created by the student entering it.

2.     All entrants to PERSPECTIVES must be currently enrolled in high school or college students, or were enrolled in Spring 2017. There is no age restriction.

3.     Verify that exhibited print(s) will meet the requirements under Images Selected for Exhibition.

4.     Submissions must be emailed to Diana Proctor at dianap07@att.netbetween December 1, 2017 and January 28, 2018 midnight.

5.     Image files must meet the specifications given under Digital FilePreparation.

6.     Attach image file(s) to a single email to DO NOT insert images into the body/text of your email.

7.     Include the following information in your email:

·     Your name, address, phone number, email address and the name of your school and instructor.

·     Title of each photograph, and where it was made.

·     Print medium/type (e.g., pigment inkjet print, gelatin silver print, etc.).

·     Your printed work must fit into a 16×20 frame.  The print may be on any size that fits, when matted, into this frame size.  All prints must be framed for this Exhibition at the Crocker Art Museum. More information regarding framing and submission will be provided to those students whose work is accepted for the Exhibition.

8.  Exhibition prints must be delivered to Viewpoint by 5:00 later than Sat. March 31, 2018.  


Make sure that each image file you submit meets these specifications.

File type


Color space


File size

Less than 2 MB

Minimum of 1200 pixels in longer dimension

File name

Your last name followed by image title

For example, smith_duneshadowsdeathvalley.jpg

File names should contain no capitals, spaces, or any of these special characters:! # $ % ‘ ^ @ – + , ; : = ( )

File names should contain no period other than the one before the file extension (.jpg)


Viewpoint’s Juror will select photographs for exhibition from the submitted digital image files. Entrants will be notified of accepted and/or not accepted images on February 19, 2018.

Photographers whose work is accepted for exhibition in PERSPECTIVES will be expected to meet the following requirements.

1.     Provide a brief (1-3 sentences) statement for each accepted image.

2.     Provide a completed Exhibition Print Form, for each accepted image. The form will be sent to you when your work is accepted. 

3.     All prints must be matted using archival white or off-white mats. Prints in colored mats, or prints mounted on corrugated board or foam core, will not be accepted.

4.     If your image(s) are selected, more information on framing will be provided.  Viewpoint will provide assistance with obtaining frames.  Email if you have questions.

5.    Exhibition prints must be delivered to Viewpoint by 5:00 pm on 

      Saturday, March 31, 2018


·     The photographer will retain copyright of the image, but agrees that any accepted image submitted to the PERSPECTIVES exhibit may be used for marketing and promotional purposes by Viewpoint Photographic Art Center and/or the Crocker Art Museum.

·     Artwork accepted for exhibition can be delivered in person or shipped to Viewpoint Photographic Art Center, 2015 J Street, Suite 101, Sacramento, CA 95811.

·     When artwork is shipped to and/or from Viewpoint, the artist is responsible for the cost, care, protection, and insurance of the artwork during shipment.

·     Artwork exhibited by Viewpoint at the Crocker Art Museum will be treated with the utmost care. Viewpoint’s and Crocker’s responsibility and liability arising from or connected with damage to the artwork regardless of any cause whatsoever is limited to the artist’s costs to reproduce the work.

·     Artwork accepted for exhibition but not received by Viewpoint by the delivery deadline   SATURDAY, MARCH 31, 2018 5:00PM will not be exhibited.

·     Additional information regarding framing and matting, the Crocker Art Museum’s Reception, and how to pick up your work will be provided to students whose work is accepted for the Exhibition.


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