Become a Tutor for Digital Photo!

ARC has a beacon tutoring program, and now that you are nearing the end of the class, if you feel confident you could explain how to use Bridge to rename files, edit files in Raw, make and HDR image…maybe you should consider becoming a beacon tutor!

Why Become a Beacon Tutor?

  • To share your knowledge with other students and help them get better grades.
  • To learn the subject better.
  • To develop greater self-confidence and learn how to manage a group.
  • To add work experience to your resume.
  • To make new friends.
  • To earn money!

How much are tutors paid?

  •  $10.50/hour, as of January 1, 2017

What’s Required?

Your job as a tutor will require three hours per week as follows:

  • Meet with your group two hours each week.
  • Meet with your instructor for half an hour each week.  A combination of face-to-face and email correspondence is acceptable.
  • Spend half an hour each week preparing for your session.

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