Photo App “PhotoGuru”

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 5.25.47 PMOne of my students asked me today if I had seen this app, and I never had, but it looks like it could be fun and help you on your photo skills!

GuruShots ( gives you a daily photo challenge.  You submit your photo and get feedback and tips.  You earn badges for your achievements, and it looks like if enough people vote for your photo, you can win photo gear!  Go check it out and tell me what you think.

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 5.21.51 PM

When I have free time, I might give it a go myself…like, this summer, when I’m not working.  :'(  But seriously, this could be great for getting exposure and for practicing your style and composition.  Let me know if you win any prizes!  That would be aaaawwwwesome.

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