Black Friday Photo Sales

If you’re one of those insane people who get into long lines for Black Friday…best of luck.  I have no such determination.  And it’s cold out.  Maybe if they had Black Friday on a nice day in May I would reconsider…but back to the point.  There are some photo deals online for you to look at too:


A lot of their lenses are $100 off right now.  Sigma is one of my favorite lens companies–their quality seems as good if not better than a lot of Nikon and Canon lenses, and what’s better, they have mounts that work on both type of cameras, as well as Sony and a few others, I believe.


For those of you in the intermediate/advanced classes, you know how important having a calibrated monitor can be.  Right now Xrite is having a sale, too.  It’s not a huge amount, but $60 off isn’t anything to sneeze at.


For editing I like Nik’s software for a lot of editing, but Topaz has some really great features in it’s b/w plug in that I’ve used quite regularly.  Right now the entire suite is almost $100 off the regular price.


I don’t have them all listed here, but for those of you buying portfolio supplies, most local art stores are having their black friday sales too.  I know University Art (J Street) is, and Dick Blick has a TON of stuff online for sale–I know they would have the same items in their local store (Howe Ave) on sale too…

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