Photo Contest for Digital Students!

One of my students sent me this link for a digital photo contest. (Thanks!) You submit 5 images, and they pick a round of finalists.  The finalists then print their work and the winners are chosen from there.  But don’t stop reading yet!  Hahnemühle’s Student Photo Competition has a pretty sweet plus side–all finalists, whether chosen or not, will be given a free sample pack of paper.  Their paper is some of the best around…

The next round, where winners are chosen from the finalists, have some pretty nice awards too. The top three finalists will receive a cash prize of EUR 1,500 (or 1700 US dollars) for first place, EUR 1,000 for second place and EUR 500 for third place. The prize money is intended to further promote and financially support your photography work.

As a special highlight, the winning photo series will be displayed at the Hahnemühle booth at Photokina 2020 (including PR support). Moreover, special and exclusive exhibitions such as in a Galerie in Hanover are planned – for a duration of 6 weeks!

You can submit your work via the upload portal from 1 March to 30 April 2019.  To read the rules and upload your work, go to:

Heck, even if you don’t enter (WHY NOT?! If you need help selecting images, grab me during a lab class with your top 8 pics) go to their site and check out the different specialty papers…

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