Two Student Hiring Opportunities

UNITE: Center for Community and Diversity is hiring student assistants for the 2019-2020 academic year. Attached is our hiring packet with detailed information. Completed packets are due Friday, April 26 2019 by 3PM in the HUB, Student Center. Interviews will be held early to mid-May. You can find out more about UNITE at their website ( and or you can ask me (Prof Worsfold) to see their flier with details about the job.

Beacon Tutoring:  If you’ve passed a photo class (like my Digital Artph 305 or Artph 360) with a B or higher, you may be eligible to be a beacon tutor!  Tutors enroll in LRC 310 and help students outside of class at the LRC (or during class time as a beacon plus tutor).  If you’re interested, check out their website: and click Become a Tutor

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