State Job Workshop

Hey folks!  Now that Spring Break is over, we’ve only got a few weeks left til finals!  EEEEK.  I know it’s easy to slink into summer brain (I’ve been fighting it all week, lol) but remember to keep your eye on the prize.  One way to do that is to think about what your goals are.  Lots of artists, especially photographers, have a lot of opportunities with State jobs…  Which is surprising.  But if you look at the Cal State website, I’ve found photoshop and digital editing skills listed for jobs in various agencies with various titles, from social media specialist, graphic designer to governmental analyst.  The job titles don’t always describe the work well, so you on first glance you might not know that!

This Thursday April 25th from 12-1:30pm there will be a workshop in our Student Center, Community Rooms 3 & 4 called “How to get a state job in California.”  The hiring process there is as bad as enrolling in college, so they will explain how to navigate it and give you tips!  Totally worth a try.  Also, even if you’re years away from a full time job, they have lots of summer and student jobs available–those can be fantastic for your resume!

State Job workshop

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