Workshop opportunity at Viewpoint

For those of you that are specifically interested in food photography, this looks like it’d be a great experience! 


Building on the interest from her recent Introduction to Food Photography workshop, Farrell will take students through a two-part course which focuses on the process of capturing professionally styled photographs of food settings. This workshop is designed to give interested photographers an idea what it is like to stage food with props and the process involved to capture great images.
May 25 2019 9:00 AM   through   May 26 2019 12:00 PM

Member $ 140.00
Non-member $ 190.00


Day One: The Planning Process

  • Develop your concepts
  • Set the mood
  • Develop a story board
  • Create food staging ideas


Day Two: Shooting Food Staging Stations

In this part of the workshop attendees will bring their concepts to life with three different food staging stations. There will be props, fabrics, dishes, utensils, containers and of course food available for you to use and stage the perfect setting for your food photography images.

Golden Beets by Farrell Scott


Please plan to bring the equipment listed below to the workshop on both days.  An email with further information will be provided early the week of the workshop
  • camera
  • tripod
  • remote shutter release or you can do a time release
  • lens recommendation between 70mm and 110mm
  • laptop with your photo editing software loaded
  • card reader
  • flash drive


You’ll have time to work on your images using Lightroom, PhotoShop or similar software.  The flash drive will be used to save images you wish to share with the classroom to be projected from the instructor’s computer.

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