Adobe Pricing Scare

Adobe says it’s been “testing” it’s website, including the payment plan options…which a ton of people started screaming about last week, because the Photography plan, which gives you LR, PS and Bridge, disappeared.  That means the cheapest plan you could buy would be $20.

However, the mass influx of people cancelling their subscriptions this week when they discovered the change led to Adobe making a statement how it was all a test and that you could still buy the $10 option…they put it back up on their plan options, but you can call 1-800-585-0774 if you saw your monthly price go up and request the Photography plan back.

I find it suspicious that they give the option of JUST buying PS for $21 on the right (screen capture image below of plans), so perhaps that would be the default unsuspecting photographers would be given.  Petapixel and others are suggesting that you call and order the Photography plan for a year–that way you’re locked into the price in case they “test” pricing again…

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 2.39.12 PM

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