Companies are GREEDY

Not only did Adobe try to change their plan options, they just sent something out threatening customers who are using older versions of Photoshop…sadly, this was irritating, but rather normal these days.  Yeah, it’s annoying, but it’s pretty typical these days.  Adobe is greedy enough, but now I just heard about CANON doing something a little shady; they changed the hotshoe on the entry level dslrs so you have to buy canon flashes instead of the cheaper (and often just as good) Yongnuo brand and others…and you can get three or FOUR Yongnuo flashes for the price of ONE Canon flash.

This is just all sorta pissing me off.  Photography should NOT be just for the rich, and this is simply a money grab–people have used a variety of flashes on their cameras since cameras could use flashes.  Not only that, but it makes radio slaves incompatible as well…and if you buy one of those from canon, it’ll cost about 20x the price of a cowboy studio or other cheap brand!  Now, I’m looking into multiple Adobe alternatives this summer just in case they try changing their plan pricing again, but thankfully, someone else already researched an option to get around Canon’s hotshoe nonsense for me:

“On April 29th, just 5 days after Andrew’s video came out, Godox announced new firmware updates for the V860IICX1T-CTT350C, and V350C that make them compatible with Canon’s center-pin-less hotshoes”. ~Michael Zhang, Author at Petapixel

Godox is another brand like Yongnuo…so now that they have a solution, it’s just a matter of time until Yongnuo and others come out with their own firmware updates too.  I don’t know whether to laugh or shake my fist.  But if you’re thinking of getting a flash and already have a dslr?  Be glad you can go buy one of the other brands without having to go through this mess…

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