Free Artist Lecture at Viewpoint Gallery


Thursday, February 20, 2020, 7:00pm- 9:00pm

All students and Viewpoint members are invited to attend the Viewpoint Center’s first lecture in our Spring 2020 Student Lecture SeriesThese free lectures are designed for college and high school students and will be held at Viewpoint Gallery, 2015 J Street.

Melissa Uroff is a California based artist and photographer. As a photographer, she works in alternative, historical and experimental processes including cyanotypes, platinum printing, transfers and traditional darkroom techniques. She loves to mix mediums and often creates installations, works in printmaking, painting, drawing, collage, and assemblage. Melissa has several public art pieces on display throughout CA, which include large-scale murals along with freestanding art pieces.

She is currently working as an Artist in Residence with Yolo Arts, teaching art to “at risk” youth as well as the homeless community throughout Yolo County. She also teaches as a Visual Arts Specialist at Peregrine School in Davis CA. Melissa curates art and music shows throughout the greater Sacramento area, which includes a yearly ArtMix at the Crocker Art Museum as well as monthly shows at WAL Public Market Gallery. Melissa is also the founder and editor of TUBE, a Sacramento based arts and culture print magazine created by artists and musicians. When she is not making art, teaching, curating, or running the magazine you will find her DJing with the Vinyl Vixens, playing her accordion, and traveling at every available chance.

Urdoff’s ‘Portraits of a Delusional Woman’ is a series of mixed media pieces that include photography, college, paint, and printmaking. All of the women photographed for this series are artists and musicians. The show touches on the feeling of being lost as an artist. It portrays how one may view a creative career as if artists live in a fantasyland. I am a woman and a mother. Because of these key elements, I find I have to fight rather hard to keep my career from being put on the back burner, to keep my delusional world intact, and to remain an artist.

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