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Schools closing physical locations causes all sorts of problems, and access to online classes only works if students already have those resources. We at ARC know not everyone does. I’ve been compiling and researching what is available to our students and this is what I’ve got so far.  I’ve sent all my classes this information, but just in case someone doesn’t catch it, I’m adding it here too.  If someone knows of another resource, please comment and add below!

1. Internet Access: Some of you don’t have internet at home, and I don’t want you to have super expensive phone bills just for checking canvas. Comcast is offering either cheap or free Broadband to Low-Income households for 60 days—that’ll get some of you through the semester. This is supposed to start March 16th, and is called the Internet Essentials Free program. To see if you qualify for the free version, go to  (Links to an external site.)(and even if you don’t they’ve also made the program available to everyone else for $10 a month via comcasts site)

2. Adobe/Photoshop Access: I’ve been explaining to the school that some of you don’t have access to Photoshop outside the classroom, and thankfully they in turn were able to talk to Adobe. Adobe is making temporary at-home access to Creative Cloud available until May 31, 2020 for schools and colleges who currently online, at no additional cost.  Details on how to use this resource may take a week to come out– please be patient until we get more info.

3. Computer Access: I know some of you don’t have computers. There are 1000 Chromebooks that will become available for student use – we don’t have them on campus yet, but they’re being shipped and might be in by monday– watch the Los Rios Gmail for details. BUT, if you’re in serious need, call an apply ASAP. It’s on a first come first serve basis. If you don’t get or can’t find it in an email from the school, start at Equity Programs and Pathways in Student Services or try calling their office (484-8925). Also, Chromebooks don’t have the memory to install photoshop, but you can still use the online cloud version of photoshop through safari or another browser. The InternetEssentials website also has some low cost computers for sale for $150, but if that’s too much, get on the list for the Chromebooks monday morning!

4. Food Resources: since the school is shutting down, they are also emptying out the food pantry. If you need food, go see what they have left, as they are giving it all away. At the Art Department we have some food kits too, with granola and soups and stuff, so check by our main office too.

5. Other resources: The ARC Design Hub had a group of students that got together and created a list of resources for housing, food, medical care and mental health. Check out their web page and spread the word.

6. Individualized Meme Most people can’t time washing their hands correctly for 20-30 seconds.  Someone created a meme generator that allows you to put your favorite song in and it’ll clip 20 seconds of music, like the section I showed above.  Yes, you just got Rick Rolled.  You. Are. Welcome.

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