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Quiet We’re Dreaming (aka QWD) was started as a way to use motion picture film in a still camera to scout for motion-based projects. After years of trial and error, they figured out how to process ECN-2 on a small scale and can now share that knowledge with photographers and cinematographers around the world. Keeping film alive is important to them. The right colors are important to them. Freestyle is selling the film and the developer kits and you can find the link here. Here’s what Alfonso Aguilar has to say:

“Two years ago, I found it almost impossible to shoot Kodak Vision film on a still camera. There were a handful of labs that would process the film and only two or three that would actually use ECN-2 (they cross process on C-41 chemistry). Aside from the wait time, the price doubled from regular C-41. The high cost and long wait made me go back to normal still stock film. QWD completely change the game. Their home developing kit is as simple to use as most film developing kits. It allows me to use Kodak’s most unique films. Vision stocks not only render a different grain structure than any other stock on the market, but also its densitometry and spectral sensitivity makes each stock unique.  As a cinematographer, the QWD kit, allows me to experiment with film in ways I couldn’t before. I can not only shoot my own camera tests with my 35mm rangefinder but now I have the certainty of the results and can force develop film at will for a small fraction of what it costs to send the film to a lab. The word “cinematic” was born from this stocks and QWD kit is the key for everyone to finally make cinematic photos.”Alfonso AguilarCINEMATOGRAPER
alfonsodo.com | Instagram: @alfonsoaguilar @aa.onfilmImages by Alfonso AguilarThe FilmsKodak Vision3 5203 50D(rolled by QWD)
This is so clean it can only be described as “WOW” as your eyes get drawn into your photos with all that detail that seems to never end. We are pretty sure Kodak put some kind of magic in this one.

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