Bearing Witness, Black History

Bearing Witness: Manifesting Black History from Photographic Archives. Curated by CRC Photography Professor Kathryn Mayo Ongoing Exhibit(runs through March 12, 2021)Bearing Witness: Manifesting Black History from Photographic Archives is curated by Kathryn Mayo, Professor of Photography at Cosumnes River College in Sacramento, who teaches antique photographic processes and the history of photography. Mayo has been mining photographic archives for years in search of images that might expand the limited scope of whose stories are told in the telling of photographic history, bringing to light historical images that acknowledge the experiences and cultures of underrepresented communities of color. Cabrillo Gallery is honored to showcase Mayo’s inclusive, equity-minded research, which is focused through the lens of visual culture, and manifests—through archived photographs—hidden histories embodied in lives lived outside of the dominant culture.

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