How to turn your camera into a webcam

Ok, so I don’t think this is really crucial information, but it is fun information. It is possible, if you have a dslr or a mirrorless camera, to turn your camera into a webcam for zoom. Why on earth would you do this? Control of depth of field, less distortion of facial features, and maybe…just because you can? Lol. I will caution, some cameras don’t have a fan; that is one of the differences between a Canon T6 and T6i, for example, the T6i is made with full video options, including cooldown features. The T6 is not. So I would suggest if you don’t know if you have a fan in your camera (all classic video cameras have them) then either shoot in a cold room or use it for limited amounts of time so you don’t overheat the camera. Why would that be an issue? If you overheat the camera, you can fry your sensor. That’s really bad…it’s also the same reason you should never leave your camera in your car! It heats up and can create dead pixels.

Other than than, if you have the time, or if you happen to be a big youTuber or something, this may be a fun experiment to try out! To read the various instructions (and get the links for all the different camera models if you don’t have a camera with the proper download link) check out this Wired article:

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