Ard Gelinck Photoshops Famous Actors

When I was reading and article from the Met, I was so happy to see an artist using photoshop to create a project that I just know people will love. I did, anyways! Ard Gelinck has taken portraits of famous celebrities and photoshopped their most well known characters next to them–kinda twinsie style.

Mark Hamill and Luke Skywalker

What I really love about this is it shows how students could create something really similar with the basic knowledge they get out of the Artph 305 Digital photography class. You just need some practice with selections, color balance, and tweaking the channels or levels of each layer. In fact, Ard isn’t even a photographer, he’s a graphic designer!

Joaquin Phoenix and the Joker
Eddie Murphy and Axel Foley

There was another related project Ard did on other types of celebrities, like famous musicians and sports figures. If you are interested in seeing the series and scrolling through the images, go to or check out their Instagram feed @ardgelinck

Amy Winehouse

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