Gnarbox 2.0

What is a Gnarbox? Gnarbox is a rugged backup device. It’s a tiny computer, that you control with your phone and can be used to back up your photos from memory cards, USB card readers or external drives. I first heard about it from this website:

But it seems to have been updated with a second version.  It’s still a bit expensive, to my mind, but besides adding features that allow you to use major editing apps with it seamlessly, it has usb 3.1 gen 2 hubs that are faster than anything else…and honestly, some peace of mind.  Most external harddrives, if you look at the specs, are only rated to last about 3 years…computers aren’t a whole lot better or safer.  You can have cloud storage, yeah, but there isn’t a great way/service to use that doesn’t either compress the files or transfer them through multiple channels.

For most people, this is a silly luxury, but NOT if you are a professional artist. As I sit on a few decades of photographs, I am concerned about what happens when my next hard drive fails, my computer freezes forever, or my cloud storage is hijacked by a virus that locks it all up.  Maybe worth considering…

Check it out for yourself at their website:


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