EOP&S/CARE/NextUp Applications

The Fall 2021 EOP&S/CARE/NextUp application is open-these are programs to help students in various ways–lets break them down a little for those of you who may not know what they are:

Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS)

Purpose: The mission of Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) is to encourage the enrollment, retention and transfer of students impacted by language, social, economic and educational disadvantages, and to facilitate the successful completion of their goals and objectives in college. Specifically, for students eligible for a CA Promise Grant (Board of Governors Fee Waiver A or B), enrolled in 12+ units or eligible for dsps, and/or educationally disadvantaged.

Services Provided (*when funding allows):

  • Academic, Career, & Personal Counseling
  • Academic tutoring in Math and Science courses
  • When funding allows: textbook vouchers, transportation, educational supplies, and/or transfer/career activities, workshops

Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE)

Purpose: is a special program for EOP&S students who are single parents, head of household, and receiving public assistance from CalWORKs / TANF. Geared towards; Single-parent head of household, Parent or child must be a CalWORKs/TANF recipient, must have at least one child under the age of 14 at time of acceptance (and a california resident)

Services Provided (*when funding allows):

  • Supplemental Academic, Career, & Personal Counseling
  • Funds can be used to provide other support services to students such as book vouchers, tutoring, transportation, educational supplies, and other needed assistance
  • Funds can be used to provide child care to children of CARE student(s)not provided
    by other resources

    • Personalized academic, career, educational, personal development workshops

NextUp Program
(Also known as: Cooperating Agencies Foster Youth Educational Support)  ​​​​

Purpose: The purpose of NextUp is to strengthen the capacity of community college districts to support the higher education success, health and well-being of some of the nearly 13,000 current and former foster youth who are enrolled in California’s community colleges. Geared towards students who were in foster care on or after their 16th birthday in California; Are no older than 25 Years of Age at the beginning of the Academic Year, Enroll in at Least 9 Units.

Services Provided (*when funding allows):

  • Academic Counseling, Educational Planning, Case Management, and Referrals/Support
  • Assistance with Financial Aid Applications (FAFSA) and Grants
  • Stipends for Living and Academic Services
  • Career and/or Internship Preparation
  • Skill-Building and Team Building Workshops
  • NextUp Financial Support (Cash Grants)
  • Transportation Assistance and Monthly Meal Vouchers
  • Specialized Workshops and Book Grants


Submission Deadline: Friday, August 6, 2021, by 4:00pm.

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