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There are a ton of photo contests out there, but this one is hosted in part by Photobucket, which I do like as a company. I had to search a bit to find the rules–there is an entry fee of $20 and the photos have to be taken 2019 or afterwards. If you aren’t sure if your photos meet the level of the competition, you can look at previous competitors as well.  Too often people don’t even try, and often miss out. When I graduated and money was tight, I had a rule; I put aside a certain amount a money each year for competitions and show entries, realizing that October and April were big months for photography and spending accordingly (a few months in advance, when all the entries were due).  That way, it was budgeted and I didn’t have to wonder or worry.  So maybe not this year, but maybe start writing down the names and dates of recurring shows/competitions, and planning ahead for next year…

American Photography 2021 Contest Details & Link

2 thoughts on “American Photography Contest

  1. Brandy,

    Even though it’s been a few years since i’ve taken your course at ARC, I still read every post and use your advice as I’m growing and becoming a better photographer. I just wanted to say thank you.

    B. Anderson

    P.s ** If you’re wondering who I am, I was in you’re Digital Class and Documentary class ( we had a student show at the gallery in Old Sac ) **

    1. Hi Becca! Wow, that class seems like a million years ago, but I still remember that show like yesterday! Thank you so much for taking a moment to say hi. So glad to see you are still making photos!

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