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If you are an ARC student, February is an important month; this is the month you should be researching and applying for Foundation Scholarships. Contrary to what most students believe, you do not need a 4.0 gpa for our scholarships, and you don’t have to be a full time student, either. If you log into and fill out the application page, the system will automatically produce a list of scholarships that you are eligible for. While they aren’t all high dollar amounts, many scholarships go unawarded each year because students simply don’t bother applying to the smaller ones! The deadline for Scholarship applications is Mar 4th.

If you are an Art major (or getting a photo certificate; photo is part of the art department) then there are some specific opportunities for you too, depending on either classes you’ve taken, your degree, or your artwork portfolio.

Here are some scholarships that are specific to our Art & Art History students that just require specific classes or degrees:

ARC Norma & Gaile Maienknecht Memorial
Armando Magri Memorial Scholarship
Here are some scholarships that require additional portfolios:
Gary Pruner Scholarship
Maddock Figure Study Scholarship
and last but not least,
the Kingsley Merit Award is awarded to a student based on their portfolio alone.

For instructions or information on how to submit your art portfolio after you’ve submitted your online application, ask your current art professor.

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