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Hey folks! The beginning of March is when most scholarship applications are due at ARC, but we have a few different scholarships with different requirements in the Art department, so I thought I’d list them out here for you. The Kingsley, Gary Pruner, and Maddock Figure Scholarships require a portfolio submission later in March as well, but I have not added that link because this blog is available to anyone on the web… please see your art teacher for that link–I sent it to every art teacher at arc. 

ARC WorldStoke Clay Scholarship (Apply now)

WorldStoke is an international symposium of woodfiring, artist demonstrations, and discussions to address social equities in ceramic art.  It is an interactive four-day event for clay artists and enthusiasts to enjoy and lead in the communication and social actions concerning ceramic art today. The event is in and around Placer County.

The scholarship part?

This $100 – $300. (choice of 1-4 days) event is offered free to American River College students.  Please contact Rodney Mott for details.

Kingsley Merit Award $600 (Due Mar 20)

plus award ceremony & exhibition of artwork at Crocker Museum May 2022. Kingsley Winner will be contacted in early April to complete artwork consent form and to arrange drop off of artwork to Crocker museum.

This scholarship is not part of the ARC foundation submission process, requires a digital portfolio of your best work and the below requirements:

  • Any ARC Art Student that has Completed 6+ Units, Currently Enrolled in 6+ units
  • A word document with name, email, cell phone, a short art biography (3-4 sentences) and short artist statement (3-4 sentences)
  • A portfolio of 5 to 7 original artworks in jpg format; images must be 2048 pixels longest dimension
  • Name files with FirstLastName1.jpg format
  • See your current art teacher for Link to submit files*


Scholarships Below Deadline of Mar 4th for online application at

ARC Norma & Gaile Maienknecht Memorial ($500) 

  • Major in: Art AA; AA for Transfer in Studio Art or Art History
  • Enrolled in 6+ units, Completed 6+ Units
  • Must upload transcript showing classes completed and major

Armando Magri Memorial Scholarship ($500)

  • Enrollment or completion of art welding/iron/metalsmith class at ARC
  • Completed 6+ Units, Enrolled in 6+ units
  • Must upload transcript showing a welding class offered by ARC art department (various Sculpture courses)

Scholarships below require additional portfolio application. Contact your ARC art teacher for link.

Gary Pruner Scholarship ($250)

  • Major in: Art AA; AA for Transfer in Studio Art
  • Completed 6+ Units, Enrolled in 6+ units
  • Essay question in application
  • Provide a portfolio of 7 to 10 original artworks as jpgs (with emphasis on color)

Maddock Figure Study Scholarship ($400)

  • Completed 1 semester of any Figure Study course (Art or Art New Media) with grade B or better
  • Completed 6+ Units, Enrolled in 6+ units
  • Essay question in application
  • Must upload transcript showing Figure Study course
  • Provide a portfolio of 7 to 10 original artworks created from observational life study as jpgs

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