NEW to the Viewpoint Student Program is a Workshop Scholarship Fund that provides 20 free half-day workshops held at Viewpoint each calendar year!

Eligibility and How to Apply

  • The student must be currently enrolled in college or high school photography class, or have taken photography classes, or have practical field experience with photography.
  • Each student may take advantage of this scholarship program only once per calendar year.
  • Each student must have a verification letter or email from a current faculty member sent to the Scholarship Co-coordinator, Diana Proctor at
  • There is a limit of two (2) students per workshop offered.
  • Should there be any material fees for a workshop, the fees must be covered by the student. The fees are generally under $10. The workshop description will detail any additional fees. Please take this into consideration when registering.

Students who meet these requirements will be accepted on a first come basis until the total of 20 scholarships per year have been allocated.

To Apply:

1. Go to the Viewpoint website and select the tab for Workshops, find a half-day workshop that will be held at Viewpoint. Workshops are updated throughout the year so it is advised to check back on a monthly basis.

2. Email Diana Proctor at and provide your name, email and phone number, the school you attend, the faculty person who will verify your status as a student, and the name and date of the workshop you wish to take.

3. Once student status has been verified, registration information will be passed on to Viewpoint management. You will be provided with confirmation details within a week. Please note: For a workshop to run there must be four additional attendees outside the student enrollment(s). If attendance is short, the workshop will be rescheduled.

This scholarship is generously provided to Viewpoint through a private family contribution. Viewpoint is deeply grateful for the opportunity to offer this scholarship fund to students of photography

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