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While getting the latest, shiny Canon or Nikon gear is nice, it’s not always needed, especially for students who are still trying to figure out their style and what they’ll use gear-wise. There’s a few good brands like Neewer or Yongnuo that can give you a lot of bang for your buck, especially when it comes to flashes and radio transmitters/receivers. Everyone seems to be having their holiday deals earlier this year, and I just found this article from POPPHOTO about a bunch of deals going on today; I’m sure there’s even more out there too, for the upcoming weeks, so keep hunting at both these links, and at Yongnuo. Or check back with Popphoto for more tips. 

Neewer makes a broad spectrum of photography, video, and audio tools. Its products are typically more affordable than competing brands but offer a surprising amount of quality. In fact, we frequently pick Neewar products in our gear reviews, such as best camera sliders, portrait lighting kits, and budget tripods. While Neewer gear may not be as feature-rich or durable as more expensive options, it is a great way for new photographers and videographers to build out their kits without spending a fortune. And, during the Amazon Prime Early Access sale, numerous Neewar products are even more affordable. The sale goes through October 12, though deals have already started wrapping up. It’s a great time to pick up a new tripod, reflectors, or some lights to expand your creative arsenal or to get an early holiday present for a photographer. But don’t wait too long if you are considering picking something up.

Neewer 2-Pack 2.4GHz LED Softbox Lighting Kit with Color Filter $100.78 (was $155.09)

This Neewer 2-Pack 2.4GHz LED Softbox Lighting Kit is on sale during the Amazon Prime Early Access sale.



Adding off-camera lighting is a fun way to spice up your photos or videos, whether it be portraits or products. This Neewer kit comes with two LED lights that are dimmable and color temperature adjustable, giving you more control over your lighting. Because they are constant lights, they would be a great addition to a vlogging setup as well. It also comes with a 2.4GHz remote, two stands, two softboxes, six color filters, and a case. It’s everything you need to get started with lighting.

NEEWER 77 inch Camera Tripod Monopod $62.95 (was $78.49)

This Neewer 77-inch tripod is on sale during the Amazon Prime Early Access sale.



A good tripod is a must in any photographer’s kit. It can open the door to new types of photography, making subjects like long exposures or self-portraits possible. This Neewer tripod is a great option, in part thanks to the fact that it can extend all the way to 77 inches. That height will allow you to get a unique, high-angle perspective. The max weight capacity is nearly 18 pounds, making it sturdy enough to hold even bulky DSLRs or full-frame mirrorless cameras with heavy lenses. It weighs 3.5 pounds and folds down to 19 inches, so won’t be the best option for taking with you on hikes or long trips, but for an all-purpose tripod, it will serve you well.

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