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The holiday season is a great time of year to find deals on equipment. It’s also the time that a lot of students who started in the 305 digital class consider upgrading their gear; they’ve taken a class and have a better idea what they’d like to explore further–if it’s architecture, that could be a wider angle lens; for street photography, a 50mm prime is always choice; for astro-photography, a 100-300mm telephoto is more likely your thing. For some, it’ll be upgrading cameras to something more robust. Either way, there are some places to go; both Action Camera and PhotoSource in town have used gear; I always start there, as I like to support local photo stores so we still HAVE local photo stores.

Next, look at a few of the bigger online used stores; and are well rated.

In fact, Popphoto has an article that recently came out of the best equipment at mpb, and I was surprised to see a drone listed on there, too, with a pretty good review. They had a lot of good descriptions of cameras they liked, but another great way to figure out what you are looking for is to go to and check out their buying guides–and once you have an idea what’s on the market, you can then do a comparison of specific models at their site to see how they stack up against each other.

I hope that helps you with your photo gear hunting, whether it’s for a gift list, or just for a gear upgrade!

2 thoughts on “Buying Used Gear

  1. As a former student i would like to offer my experience with one of the Professor’s recommendations; MBP. I ordered a used Sony A7SII and it arrived well packed/padded, exactly as described (they have actual pics of the item to show exactly what you’ll get, not some stock pics), and they gave me a realistic trade in on the body i was not willing to haggle/hassle to sell on fb marketplace or Craigslist.

    1. Thank you for the feedback, David! How is the photography going these days? I know your photo blog has been pretty quiet, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t shooting…

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