ARC Art Scholarships

Scholarships at ARC open! The website is at: 

and the deadline for online applications is March 3rd. 

First, we have some Art-specific scholarships you may be eligible for, so please look those up in the search tools for all the specific details and requirements—most require 6 credit units taken and 6 enrolled, or for example. Most ARC scholarships require students be working towards an AA or AS degree, but if you fill out the main application, it will still list a bunch of other Los Rios Scholarships you will be eligible for.


The Gary Pruner and Maddock scholarships require a portfolio to be submitted to the art faculty in March (Mar 3), but you need to submit your los rios academic works website application first–your art professor will be able to give you the links to the portfolio google drive, and if you’re an art student at arc, you should have had an email or class info about it already, I hope. 

The Kingsley has a portfolio submission, but no los rios academic works application. Here is a general overview:

ARC Gary Pruner Scholarship $250: emphasis on color artwork

  • Color portfolio 7-10 images needed for art faculty committee after application submission, Name files with FirstLastName1.jpg
  • Essay question in application

ARC Maddock Figure Study Scholarship $400: emphasis on life drawings

  • Life study portfolio 7-10 images for art faculty committee after application submission, Name files with FirstLastName1.jpg format
  • Requires transcripts upload in application with Figure Studies class grade B or higher

ARC Armando Magri, $500; emphasis on metal sculpture

  • No portfolio, but must have taken ARC art welding/metal class

ARC Norma & Gaile Maineknecht Memorial $500

  • Art or Art History AA/transfer student
  • Requires transcripts upload in application verifying major, units completed, etc

The Kingsley Merit Award, $600 awarded to one outstanding art portfolio per year, plus artwork in Crocker Museum exhibit this one is not at the academic works website

Eligible to ARC Art students that have completed 6+ units, enrolled in 6+ units

You have to apply directly to the art department by Mar 3rd with:

  • A word document with name, email, cell phone, a short art biography (3-4 sentences) and short artist statement (3-4 sentences)
  • A portfolio of 5 to 7 original artworks in jpg format; images must be 2048 pixels longest dimension
  • Name files with FirstLastName1.jpg
  • If you are accepted, there will also be a show where your art will be displayed and an awards ceremony in May.


There are many other scholarships at the academic works website that you may be eligible for. Some of them take some research to find, and some have varying requirements that are unusual. I’ve listed a few here that may be of interest, but please go and do additional research BEFORE the submission deadline!

ARC Lockhart Family Scholarship. $2000

  • Gpa 3.0, head of household, single parent with need

ARC Steve Lovett Memorial $500

  • Gpa 2.0, artnm students

ARC Patrons Scholarship $500

  • Gpa 3.5, Students transferring in fall, who participate in college/community activities

ARC Katherine W Stewart Scholarship $1000

  • Gpa 2.5, Part time students who completed 24 units with financial need

ARC American River College Foundation Scholarship $1000

  • Gpa 3.0, participate in volunteer activity

ARC Sacramento Older Women’s League Scholarship $1300

  • Gpa 2.0, re-entry student who qualifies for bog waiver

Best of Luck!

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